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農林民宿 石野

大石 久光

  Welcome to the our homepage Agriculture and forestry guest-house "ISHINO".
  We are in the mountains in approximately one hour by car from the JR Matsuyama station and airport.
  Our house is located 450 meters above sea level. So, you could be surrounded by clear air and to see amaizing view. And night time, you could also see lot of shining stars in the sky screen too!

  Ehime Tobe town has a calm climate throughout the year, but in the winter season, the snowfall may reach to 30 centimeters or more.
  The center part of Ehime is called Chuyo, the south part of Ehime is called Nanyo. Chuyo and Nanyo areas are treasure house of delicious food.
  We have a huge farm on the mountain slopes to cultivate over 100 kinds of vegetables. You of course enjoy these vegetables for each season.
  After enjoying nature, you can relax with our special bathing system which is called NOTEN-BURO. So, you can see a wonderful mountain view while you are taking a bath.
  Our house is renovating old house that have been over 100 years old and we will lend you this whole house for one pair per a day. We are waiting for 2 to 4 people reservation.
  We are happy if our house could give marvelous time to you and your life.

  Finally, we will tell you a important thing.
  Our staff are not good at speaking English. However, if we put effort to understand each other, it is not a problem.

Agriculture and forestry guest-house "ISHINO"
Hisamitsu Oishi

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